36V to 5V @ 1A DC converter using LTM8031

36V to 5V @ 1A DC converter using LTM8031

LTM8031  is a  very simple high efficiency buck converter from Linear Technology,. This LTM8031 dc voltage converter circuit is capable of delivering  5 volts output from a varying  input voltage ranging from  7V  to  36V dc. LTM8031  operates  at  switching frequency range varying  from 200kHz to 2.4MHz. This Circuit needs  bulk input and output filter capacitors .Step-Down Switch Mode Power Supply , Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.6V to 36V , 1A Output Current , 0.8V to 10V Output Voltage , Switching Frequency from 200kHz to 2.4MHz , EN55022 Class B Compliant , Current Mode Control,Maximum output current of this circuit is around 1A are main features of LTM8031.


Input Voltage: 7V DC to 36V DC
Output Voltage: 5V DC
Output Load: 1A

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