iBeacon CMS Management Tool with free 30 day trial and demo app

Based in the Titanic Quarter, Belfast, we research, develop and deliver integrated solutions for a connected world.

We Design RF Proximity design and build proximity solutions for a wide range of applications including retail, marketing, exhibitions and public information.
We Develop RF Proximity develops Mobile and Desktop Applications for all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.
We Deliver RF Proximity launched one of the World’s first iBeacon products and continues to lead the way in innovative proximity solutions.
RFproximity Beacons use licensed Apple iBeacon technology and are compatible with iBeacon-enabled products and applications.
We provide a complete end to end iBeacon solution
1. The CMS- online management of your iBeacons where you can assign content to each ibeacon, click here
2. The iBeacon- we supply various types of ibeacons based on the user requirements
3. The App- we  provide a demo app which links to the CMS to show how iBeacons and their content works- you can even rebrand to suit you, click here  to download
4. Analytics- our system provides full analytic’s based on footfall, routing, interactions, views and much more
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Our Beacons use licensed Apple iBeacon technology and are compatible with iBeacon-enabled products and applications. Our iBeacons also have CE and FCC approvals

About Us

RF Proximity launched one of the world’s first iBeacon-based consumer products called You Parked Here in 2013, demonstrating our ability to simultaneously design and integrate new technologies with mobile Applications.

RF Proximity can also offer integrated iBeacon solutions for retail, exhibition and public information uses. We can build a new Mobile Application or modify any existing Application to react to received iBeacon transmissions. For example, in a museum, art gallery or zoo a differently coded iBeacon can be placed at each exhibit with the code of each beacon linked within the Application to a particular page within the App. The information displayed within each page (including text, images, sound etc.) can either be written into an Application or dynamically linked to a content management system held on a web server CC2541 Bluetooth LE beacon producer from China .


In retail applications iBeacons can be used to welcome customers to stores, locate specific items within a store or even to trigger the display of a time-limited offer on a customer’s mobile phone as they approach the product concerned.

iBeacons are also ideal for public or community messaging. For example, if a community information App contains links to a web server, details and pictures of a lost child could be quickly uploaded to the server and immediately displayed on the mobile phones of all App users who come within range of any of a group of iBeacons.

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