Lifepo4 battery packs pcb 16s 48v BMS for 100A peak 200A lifepo4 rechargeable battery PCM PCB board pcb prototype

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16s 48V lifepo4 battery BMS PCM PCB board 100/200A

EBIKE battery protection circuit board OEM BMS OFFER

No. Item standard
1 Voltage Charging voltage lifepo4(3.65V/1cell)
Single section equilibrium voltage lifepo4:3.60V±0.025V
2 Current Single section equilibrium current 0~200mA(adjustable)
Single section consumption current (consumable) ≤20μA
Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
3 Overcharge protected Charging test voltage 3.8~4.4V(adjustable)
Charging detection delay time 0.96S—1.4S
Charging recovery voltage 3.8~4.4V(adjustable)
4 Overdischarge protected discharge detection voltage 1.9~3.1V(adjustable)
discharge detection delay time 115—173mS
discharge recovery voltage 1.9~3.1V(adjustable)
5 Over-current protected Over current detection voltage 0.6V
Over current detection current 200A
Over current detection delay time 7.2ms—11ms
recovery mode Disconnect load automatic recovery
6 Short circuit protection Detection state External short circuit
Detection delay time 200-500us
recovery mode Disconnect load automatic recovery
7 Inside resistance Protection circuitMOSFET) ≤30mΩ
8 temperature Operating temperature range -40~+85°C
Storage temperature range -40~+125°C


Any close above 3.65 v input a string of battery, then equilibrium, balanced with light, which full of be clear at a glance all the way!

Any shut down a string of battery is lower than 2.50 v output. Completely protect your expensive of lithium iron batteries!

Balanced current increased to 80 from 80 ma ma, electrify equilibrium time is shorter. better

High precision integrated chip control, high stability;

MOS tube drive: able to discharge, over current situation rapidly shut off, over current situation is solved by using the MOS tube, such as can’t shut off quickly, during internal resistance increases, lead to rising temperatures, even burned MOS tube.

Packaging & Shipping

Package: 40pcs per carton.

Delivery time:2~10 working days,Bulk pls contact me.

Weight: 10kg

Size: 40*30*22.5CM

Ship way: DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,SF express or by Sea.

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