Lifepo4 battery packs pcb 16s 48v BMS for 100A peak 200A lifepo4 rechargeable battery PCM PCB board pcb prototype

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16s 48V lifepo4 battery BMS PCM PCB board 100/200A

EBIKE battery protection circuit board OEM BMS OFFER

No. Item standard
1 Voltage Charging voltage lifepo4(3.65V/1cell)
Single section equilibrium voltage lifepo4:3.60V±0.025V
2 Current Single section equilibrium current 0~200mA(adjustable)
Single section consumption current (consumable) ≤20μA
Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
3 Overcharge protected Charging test voltage 3.8~4.4V(adjustable)
Charging detection delay time 0.96S—1.4S
Charging recovery voltage 3.8~4.4V(adjustable)
4 Over-discharge protected discharge detection voltage 1.9~3.1V(adjustable)
discharge detection delay time 115—173mS
discharge recovery voltage 1.9~3.1V(adjustable)
5 Over-current protected Over-current detection voltage 0.6V
Over-current detection current 200A
Over-current detection delay time 7.2ms—11ms
recovery mode Disconnect load automatic recovery
6 Short circuit protection Detection state External short circuit
Detection delay time 200-500us
recovery mode Disconnect load automatic recovery
7 Inside resistance Protection circuitMOSFET) ≤30mΩ
8 temperature Operating temperature range -40~+85°C
Storage temperature range -40~+125°C


Any close above 3.65 v input a string of battery, then equilibrium, balanced with light, which full of be clear at a glance all the way!

Any shut down a string of battery is lower than 2.50 v output. Completely protect your expensive of lithium-ion batteries!

Balanced current increased to 80 from 80 ma ma, electrify equilibrium time is shorter. better

High precision integrated chip control, high stability;

MOS tube drive: able to discharge, over current situation rapidly shut off, over-current situation is solved by using the MOS tube, such as can’t shut off quickly, during internal resistance increases, lead to rising temperatures, even burned MOS tube.

Packaging & Shipping

Package: 40pcs per carton.

Delivery time:2~10 working days, Bulk pls contact me.

Weight: 10kg

Size: 40*30*22.5CM

Ship way: DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,SF express or by Sea.

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1.Samples: Free, customers pay ship cost.

2.OEM and ODM service offer.

3.Warrant:1 year

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