Professional PCB Prototyping PCB Assembly PCB Clone Service

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
Min. Line Width:
Min. Line Spacing:
Surface Finishing:
NPTH Tolerance:
+/- 0.05 mm
PTH Tolerance:
+/- 0.075 mm
UL, ROHS, ISO9001:2008,SGS
Class Standard:
IPC-6012 Class -II
Packaging Details
Vacuum and Neutral box
Delivery Time
5-7days for samples 20-25days for PCBA productions

Welcome To Shenzhen Eastwin Ltd

We have adapted and developed our capabilities and skill set to meet every customer requirement, from the manufacture of a selective item through to complete project management. With rich experience within PCB fabrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly service. As a professional pcb&pcba manufacturer, To reach the highest quality and most exacting standards is our mission.

Take advantage of our strength and experience and allow us to help you maintain your competitive edge.  we are well positioned to support our customers through the entire product lifecycle, from concept to volume production.


Eastwin, your single point of contact for all of your raw materials, parts, and PCB assembly, also offers:

– Contract Manufacturing

– Engineering Services

PCB Design & Assembly turnkey

– Component Procurement & Material Management

– Product Design

– Fast Track Prototyping

– Cable and Wire Assemblies

– Plastics and Molds

– Function Testing Service

1.Printed Circuit Board process capability:

1 Layers Single Sided,2 to 18 Layer
 2 Board material type FR4,CEM-1,CEM-3,ceramic substrate board, aluminum-based board, high-Tg, Rogers and more
 3 Compound material lamination 4 to 6 layers
 4 Maximum dimension 610 x 1,100mm
 5 Dimension tolerance ±0.13mm
 6 Board thickness coverage 0.2 to 6.00mm
 7 Board thickness tolerance ±10%
 8 DK thickness 0.076 to 6.00mm
 9 Minimum line width 0.10mm
10 Minimum line space 0.10mm
11 Outer layer copper thickness 8.75 to 175µm
12 Inner layer copper thickness 17.5 to 175µm
13 Drilling hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.25 to 6.00mm
14 Finished hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.20 to 6.00mm
15 Hole diameter tolerance (mechanical drill) 0.05mm
16 Hole position tolerance (mechanical drill) 0.075mm
17 Laser drill hole size 0.10mm
18 Board thickness and hole diameter ratio 10:1
19 Solder mask type Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, Blue, White and Red
20 Minimum solder mask Ø0.10mm
21 Minimum size of solder mask separation ring 0.05mm
22 Solder mask oil plug hole diameter 0.25 to 0.60mm
23 Impedance control tolerance ±10%
24 Surface finish Hot air level, ENIG, immersion silver, gold plating, immersion tin and gold finger

♦ All of the above descriptions is to demonstrate the ability of our factory, if you have specific requirements, please contact us.

2.Lead time

Samples:4 to 5 days Mass produce:7 to 15 days depending on your PCB orders

3.Payment Terms

T/T, WEST UNION, Paypal ECT Accepted

4.produce capacity

250000 Square meter per year

5.View of Shenzhen Eastwin Workshop

6.Shenzhen Eastwin PCB Showcase

7.Packing&Shipment Methods:


Packing Details:

  • Inner Package: Anti-static Bags
  • Outer Package: High-Quality Carton Box

Common Shipment Methods:

8.Our Advantage:

Sample Cost:

Notes: The Following Cost for the Special Samples Cost, the cost only for pcb cost, the film cost and tool cost will be based on the PCB file you provided.quantity below 10pcs. (Unit: mm)

1-2 Layer 4   LAYER 6   Layer 8   Layer
Below 3*3  5.3USD Below 5*5 67.0USD Below 5*5 167.0USD Below 5*5 317.0
Below 5*5  8.8USD Below 10*10 84.0USD Below 10*10 184USD Below 10*10 350.2USD
Below 10*10 $17.1

Batch Quantity Cost:

Notes: The Following Cost doesn’t include the Engineer Cost.

PCB Thickness(mm) 2 Layer(/M^2) 4 Layer(/M^2) 6 Layer(/ M^2) 8 Layer(/M^2)
0.4~0.8 65.3USD 133.3USD
1.0~1.2 65.5USD 138.3USD 208.5USD 283.5USD
1.6 67.0USD 142.0USD 217.0USD 300.2USD
2.0 70.2USD 150.3USD 300.0USD 333.5USD
2.4 100.2USD 158.5USD 367.0USD 366.8USD
3.0 108.2USD 200.2USD 400.3USD 433.5USD

Why us?


  • Excellent Quality
  • Professional Service
  • Faster Delivery time
  • Reasonable Price


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